Why you do not need Life Insurance? If you fall under any of the categories mentioned below, you can skip Life Insurance and say good bye to Life Insurance Agents,

  • No dependents
  • Income generating assets are more than liabilities and commitments
  • Retired and all responsibilities have been completed
  • Income of spouse is sufficient to take care of basic needs, liabilities and family's responsibilities.

Life Insurance is a contract by which you can protect yourself financially against specific losses by paying a premium for a specific term. Since each one of us, during our lives are faced with plentiful risks – failing health, accidents and any eventuality, our instinct drives us to cover ourselves against those risks.

Though an insurance cover can’t protect you against the emotional losses arising out of these risks, it softens the economic crisis that usually accompanies these losses. It can partly cover your future value and equilibrate the dependants to take care of their rest of life. It can help them to pay off the housing loan, car loan any other loan and maintain the current standard of living, take care of education and marriage expenses of kids.

Simply put, life brings with it many surprises, both pleasant and unpleasant. By taking a Life Insurance Plan one can ensure that he / she is better prepared to face uncertainties in number of ways and can plan to leave behind a certain guaranteed sum of money at an uncertain time.