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Mutual Funds are a most talked investment investors are talking about and our team is here through to assist you regarding it & take accessible decisions.


Life Insurance is all about the insurance taken upon the life of an individual which is one of the most important decisions so consider us as your advisers.


A home loan can arise in many distinct forms, choosing the right one is a big decision of life and Uday Vaidya is all set to render you services.


Rather than Life Insurance the coverage of each and every insurance service constitutes in General Insurances like accident, fire etc.

Mutual Funds

Investing in mutual funds has become the new rage among investors. There are countless new funds that are launched on a regular basis.

Nowadays mutual funds have become a great part in the market where the individuals wants to invest their money into.Attracted by the good and worthy returns an investor ideally wants his or her money to be invested as such that will give him or her a good benefit in the near future itself.Hire us as your investment planners and we will give you the best of the suitable market plans which will greatly suit your risk of investing money at the same will help you earn satisfactory profits.

A mutual fund is an investment being operated by an investment company where it collects money or capital from the shareholders thus investing them in stocks, bonds, options, commodities, or money market securities.We believe in the theory that greater the investment, systematic the plan greater will be the profits gained from such investment.Choose Uday Vaidya and let your investments handled in such a way where it will give you maximum amount of profits.

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Life Insurance

Life Insurance is universally acknowledged to be an institution, which eliminates ‘Risk Substitution’.

As the name itself suggests life insurance is taken to protect the life of an individual who wants to make his or her future safe and secured in terms of his life and it can be wholly keeping in mind the interest of the particular person’s family.Securing an individual’s life and giving them plans which are convenient according to their budget and requirements is solely the aim of Uday Vaidya.

For new insurance policies, we provide independent evaluations of proposals and projections and recommend the companies and products likely to offer the best value. For new permanent life insurance, we suggest its purchase in ways that can often reduce commissions by 80 percent or more, or avoid them altogether. This approach minimizes policy expenses and substantially increases benefits.

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Home Loan

We are helping you to make the right decisions in choosing a home loan for purchasing your dream home, for what may be the biggest financial decision of your life.

We take into consideration and give a great importance to the need of a client to take a home loan as it is one of the biggest decisions of life to fulfill the dream of buying one’s own home.

Thinking from financial point of view of an individual we have made the suitable plans and adjusting the rate of interest as such which will create less burden to the clients. As of we have a great expertise in the field of real estate and house property we are here through to provide the best of the services which you haven't got anywhere else till the date.

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General Insurance

General insurance or non-life insurance policies, including automobile and homeowners policies, provide payments depending on the loss from a particular financial event.

General Insurance the one which covers every type of Insurance accept Life Insurance.We are enrolled into provided successful and worthy services which consists of every type of coverage of General Insurance from Motor Insurance, Health Insurance, Travel Insurance, Home Insurance, Marine Insurance to Commercial and Real Estate solutions we have covered each and every single thing a must of general insurance part and assure you to give the best advisory in relation to this service.

Focusing upon the cost effectiveness for each and every customer of ours we have a bifurcation of plans preferable to each and every individual needs. We manage efficiently between the needs of an individual and the risks affecting the type of insurance.We accommodate services which will help you in planning for the long term growth from an individual’s point of view.

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